Glad Tidings     C.O.G.I.C.
"The Church where everybody is somebody and Jesus is the Only Star!"
Glad Tidings Ministries
At Glad Tidings we have been truly blessed by God and are excited about the many ministries.
What We Offer
Ministers Alliance
Deacon's Board
Usher Board
Deaconess's Board
Mother's Board
Minister's Wives
Men of Promise
Youth Department
Sunday School
Coulpes Ministry
Nurse's  Board
Women's Department
My Brother's Keeper
The  Young Ladies of Distinction
Evangelistic Board
Overcomer's Ministry
Do What You Can & Will
Sunshine Band
FOCUS Ministry
To minister to children between the ages of one
year to twelve years. This is done through Bible
stories, songs and activities of interest for this
age group.
To assist the congregation and visitors as they
enter the sanctuary for worship. This involves
directing each person to a seat, maintaining
order during the worship service, distributing
bulletins, and other materials to congregation.
To provide ministry to young ladies, provide
christian curriculum and discussion of relevant
issues facing today's young woman.
To train the wives of ministers in their roles as
supporters of their husband' ministry. To teach
patience, endurance, forbearance, mercy and
understanding for everyone. To support each
other by fellowship and communication.    

To provide assistance to members who have
experienced severe personal misfortune, a
sudden calamity or disaster. This ministry is also
to give aid to individuals, other ministries, and

The Deaconess's Wives is those sister's legally
married to a deacon or the widow of a deacon.
It's function primarily is for sacramental duties.
Makes adequate preparation for all baptisms.

To assist the pastor in the overall ministry
of the church.

To minister to the needs of the women of the
church, showing love and Godly wisdom;
assisting the pastor in the total ministry of the

Deacons are primarily responsible for the
temporal matters of the ministry; but also have
vital role in the spiritual development of the
church. Also maintain order and provide security

To teach all men age 16 and older. How to deal
with solving issue related to home and church.
Men are taught to love their wives as Christ
loved the church. How to bring their children up.

A ministry dedicated to using the hands and
body to communicate God's Word, songs,
etc. To the hearing-impaired by using the
deaf sign language.

To create a comfortable environment where
the young ladies are free to express
and receive Godly and practical guidance as
they transition in to womanhood. For them to
develop integrity and self esteem.

To challenge every woman to become a
woman of dignity and virtue, to organize
the women's auxiliary.

To encourage those who have become
unfaithful to become faithful to God.

Ministry is sharing or preaching the Gospel of
Jesus Christ in Hopes to bring One to know
Jesus as Lord and Savior. Reviving of the
saint through Shut-in, Tent ministries.

To provide assistance medically; To provide
help to the pulpit as needed.

Challenge the children and youth to develop
christian character, build self-esteem and
receive spiritual guidance. The ministry's goals
include teaching God's truth through the Bible.
The reality of Christ, the composer of the Holy
Spirit and how to apply this to their daily lives.
This is accomplished through classes, rap
session,seminars, and dramas.

To inform married couples of their role in the
body of Christ through workshops, seminars
and group discussions. Allow opportunities
for fellowship and sharing of testimonies
which encourage and help build the faith of
other couples.

This ministry is to increase one's knowledge of
the Bible, and how to apply it to one's daily life.
This is  where you may ask any question.
Music Department

To assure that music is provided for all
services. Musical selections are appropriate
for service.
Praise &  Worship

Lead the congregation in praise and worship.
Exhort the congregation as the spirit leads.