Branch_2-191x221                       Elder Ruben T. Branch

Elder Ruben T. Branch, born December 5, 1943, in Brooklyn, New York. He was the youngest  son of five children born to Bishop Arthur and Ionie Branch.

Elder Branch was educated in the New York Public School System.  He was saved in 1956 at the age of thirteen in a great revival at Mt. Sinai Glorious Church of God, where his father was the pastor.  At Mt. Sinai he directed the choir and became Youth Department President at the age of sixteen.  He started working with the National Youth Retreat when he was nineteen.  Years later he became its President.

He was united in holy matrimony to Edina Jackson on May 1, 1965, and moved to Detroit in 1968.  He was employed as a supervisor at Ford Motor Company. After moving to Detroit, he joined the Greater Northwest Church of God in Christ under the pastorate of the late Bishop G. D. Moore.  He was called to the ministry as a young man and
continued to work faithfully in the church under the guidance of Bishop Moore, who later ordained him as an elder.

While hospitalized in 1984, he was given the commission by God to start a work. In June of 1984, he organized the Glad Tidings Church of God In Christ in his basement with fourteen charter members present.
Within a month the congregation had grown and moved to Goodwill Community Chapel.  Eleven months later through his broad vision, Elder Branch located and acquired the present property at 625 E. Seven Mile Road.

Elder Branch, founder of Glad Tidings Church of God In Christ, was a minister dedicated to reaching the souls of the lost.  His motto  was “This is the church where everybody is somebody and Jesus is the only star.”  He gave the church a well rounded ministry,  which included the Deaf Ministry, a Community Outreach Program, and PIPEN (People Involved with People In Need).

Elder Branch was a young man of integrity, fortitude and full of wisdom, he was a lover of people, but foremost a lover of God.  Having such an outgoing personality, he was loved by so many.  The people loved him so much that he was often referred to as  “Dad”.  He was a “Dad” who believed in family.

He believed in education and encouraged furthering one’s education, general as well as spiritual.  He supported  extra  curricular  activities as well.  It has often been said, “I never got to meet Elder Branch, but I heard he was a great man”.

Elder Branch was known by some as God’s “little giant”.  He accomplished so much in so short a period of time.  Glad Tidings church was named and established through his effectual fervent prayers.  His prayers were like the Great Bishop Mason;  they cut, healed, delivered, and brought miracles.

Elder Branch passed this life on Wednesday, September 24, 1986 in Sinai Hospital.

To keep a portion of Elder Ruben T. Branch’s vision and the memory of his work for the Lord alive, the Ruben T. Branch Scholarship Foundation was organized and established by one of our members, Sis. Dorothy Hadley, in 1994.  Since then over 300 graduates have been financially blessed by this endeavor.

Henceforth, under the leadership of our pastor, Elder Robert D. Taylor, Sr., the Ruben T. Branch Scholarship Foundation has been etched in the archives of our church history.

“No one can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending”!