"In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth."  In the year of 1946, on
October 18th, in the city of Detroit, Michigan, God ordained from the beginning of
time, yea even before the foundations of this world - to come forth out of the love of
Mrs. Arquilla and the late Mr. George Taylor...a man child, named ROBERT DELANO
TAYLOR.  Little did they know that as a result of many experiences and struggles and
through much prayer and fasting, he would one day proclaim the Word of God with
boldness, under the anointing of the Holy Ghost.

Educated in the Detroit Public School system, a graduate of Southeastern High School,
he has concerned himself with upgrading and self-improvement, therefore he has
attended Highland Park Community College, Chrysler Corporation Computer Training
and Wayne County Community College - Electrical Engineering Program.  As a result
of his extensive educational and training background, he completed thirty years at
Chrysler Corporation before retiring.

The best form of self-improvement came to Elder Robert Taylor on May 7, 1967 when
he was united in holy matrimony to the ONE and ONLY MS. EFFIE SYKES.  To this
beautiful union was born three sons: Robert Delano Taylor, Jr., Derlwyn Raynard
Taylor and Eric Deon Taylor.

The spirit of God moved in Elder Taylor's life at an early age.  AT THE TENDER AGE
OF FOURTEEN, UNDER THE LEADERSHIP of Supt. Zelte Crawford, Elder Taylor
accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour and the process of his growth
and development in his NEW LIFE began at God's Holy Tabernacle COGIC.  In 1965,
Elder Taylor became a licensed minister by the late
Bishop C. L. Anderson, Jr., of the Great lakes Jurisdiction of the Church of God In Christ.  Five years later, Elder Taylor joined
the Zion Congregational Church of God In Christ where God began to stir up the many gifts within him and began to use him as a
vessel of God.  For many years, he was blessed to help many to come to know God in a personal manner.  In November of 1976,
Elder Taylor was officially ordained (a licensed Elder) by the late Bishop Eddie Miller, at the Spring Convocation in Chicago,

During his many years of service and dedication to the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in both God's Word and Music,
Elder Taylor has served in various capacities and with many departments.

In 1980, Elder Robert Taylor and his family moved their membership to the Anderson Memorial Church of God In Christ where
he continued to dedicate his life to the ministry, and he has proven and shown himself to be a workman that needth not be
ashamed, because he rightly divides the Word of Truth.  For several years, once a month, he administered the anointed Word of
God to the young people of Goodwill Community Chapel.  They grew spiritually because of his dedication and loving service to
the Lord.  They also had the opportunity to watch him grow in the Lord and witness what the Lord will do if you present Him a
yielded life.

Because Elder Taylor  humbled himself under the mighty hand of God, in due time...on April  5, 1987, Elder Taylor was appointed
by his Pastor, Bishop C. L. Anderson, Jr., General Board member, to the position of Associate Pastor of the Anderson Memorial
COGIC.  The ministry that God has BLESSED Elder Taylor with is UNIQUE and the HEAVENLY voice that has become his
trademark in many churches throughout the United States which includes the State of Michigan.  Elder Taylor's ministry also
includes a very practical outreach to the communities as he has volunteered much personal time to the homeless, the needy, as a
Big Brother to troubled boys and with the Police Athletic League (PAL).  With the love of God in his heart and the Hope of Eternal
Life in his spirit, Elder Robert Delano Taylor, Sr., is indeed a vessel molded by the hand of the Almighty Creator, God.

On October 18, 1987, the Goodwill Community Chapel surprised Elder Taylor with a birthday celebration for his 41st birthday.  
At this affair the Rev. Dr. Harvey conferred upon Elder Taylor his Doctor of Humanities (D.Hu) from the Urban Bible College of
Detroit.  This was a momentous occasion for Elder Taylor and his family.

The Lord has continued to bless Elder Taylor in many ways.  On Sunday, December 6, 1987 the Pulpit Committee of the Glad
Tidings COGIC engaged Elder Robert Taylor on a ninety day basis; he mounted the pulpit on December 11, 1987.  After
successfully completing his commitment as presiding pastor, he was voted in as PASTOR of Glad Tidings COGIC on Sunday,
March 6, 1988.

The Lord has continuously blessed Elder Taylor in the pastoring of Glad Tidings and many improvements of the exterior and
interior of the building, many souls added and many bodies healed.

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Glad Tidings     C.O.G.I.C.
"The Church where everybody is somebody and Jesus is the Only Star!"
Elder Robert D. Taylor, Sr.
Glad Tidings C.O.G.I.C.  Pastor
Elder Robert D. Taylor, Sr.